ACFT Training

Ready for the Army Combat Fitness Test

Are you ready for the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT).

3RM Dead Lift (3 Repetition Maximum)
Standing Power Throw
Max Hand Release Push Ups in 2 Minutes
Sprint-Drag-Carry for Time
Max Leg Tuck in 2 Minutes
2 Mile Run for Time

Baseline – provides you with a working start point for your training so that you can build your numbers.

Joint by joint assessment – this assessemnt will help you move better, feel better and address joint pain that’s aggrivated by exercise. train up on the ACFT and do it without joint or back pain. It makes no sense to live that way.

Strategy and Technique – 1:1 training sessions allow you to become familiar and confident with each exercise tested and give you specific progressions for your strength goals.

1:1 for weight loss with personalized plan – we also offer a detailed breakdown of what you should be eating each day, food list, and support to keep you on track.

Pricing: Cost will vary based on current fitness level. Schedule a No-Sweat Intro. We’ll help you find the problem and fix the problem

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