CrossFit Kids

Our ultimate goal is to make fitness fun and safe for your children

Our goal at JCCF (CF Kids) is to create a safe, positive and fun learning environment that allows your child to be challenged and motivated to want to come back. Our CrossFit Kids classes are uniquely tailored for kids aged 5-8 and 9-12 years old. Classes are 30- 45 min long depending on age, and the goal is to get kids moving and exercising – associating fun with fitness from the start! Everything we do is age – appropriate, and most of the exercises are unloaded (bodyweight) or done with very minimal loading after excellent form is demonstrated.

At CF Kids, Kids are the focus. CF kids classes allows them to build upon that community where kids go to classes because that’s where their friends are and they start to take on a crossfitters’ outlook on the world. Suddenly climbing a flag pole is not impossible; it’s just what they do.

Kids have a lifetime to learn and at CF Kids, we have a strong foundation for learning proper mechanics before loading up the weights. We know that kids think differently than us adults. Our movement “cues” are tailored to ideas that kids can understand. And the question that we will ask at the end of every kids class is “did you have fun today?”, we love it when your child leaves sweaty and exhausted but still has a smile on their face.

Ages 5-8 

Monday, Wednesday, Friday @ 3:45PM (4 weeks)

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Ages 9-12

Monday, Wednesday, Friday @ 4:30pm

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Pricing: $75

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