""Competition used to drive every aspect of my life""


“I’ve been active my entire life but after college, I joined the Army and was stationed at Fort Riley. I got bored and felt stagnant – competition used to drive every aspect of my life and I didn’t have that anymore.
I drove by the gym one day, did some Googling, and realized this was something new and challenging. I was a little nervous about starting on my own so it took me a few months to walk in and sign up (regret this, I could be a lot stronger right now). I fell in love with the barbell, and just seeing how fit the female athletes looked gave me faith in my abilities. I worked hard to stay thin and used to think lifting would make me “bulky” (how wrong I was!). Now I’m leaner than I’ve ever been in the Army and the strongest I’ve ever been! CrossFit pushes me physically and mentally everyday. It really is what you put into it. I signed up for the CrossFit games this last year, started competing locally, and succeeded in being selected for Civil Affairs (my Army friends, why are you not already doing this?!). I just took my first ACFT EVER and scored a 574/600. Never focused on the events specifically….all I do is CrossFit….and run.” – Dahlia

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