""I stay because of the coaches, the community, the conditioning and the competitions""

“I met Vincent through a wellness program at Ft. Riley back in 2012 and have been working out with his guidance and encouragement off and on ever since. I worked out at the old location once or twice but not until 2 years ago did I finally decide to make the switch. I remember when I made the decision. I saw Vincent out and we were talking about my workout routine. I told him I wanted to do more strength training because I am getting older and he told me about JCCF again. So, I did it, I went and did a few workouts and then became a member.
I stay because of the coaches, the community, the conditioning and the competitions
I love that the coaches are so knowledgeable, encouraging and caring. More than one coach has reached out to me at different times over the last 2 years to check in, answer my endless questions, offer me advice, recommend shoes to buy.
I didn’t know anyone besides Vincent and Christina when I decided to become a member. Now, I am surrounded by a CF community that motivate and support one another. Its more than just exercising together. We check in on each other, complain about the workouts, talk smack, and celebrate our wins.
For the first 6 months when my husband asked how my workout was, I always responded with, “It was hard.” It’s still hard but I don’t respond that way. Now I talk about the gains I’m making. I am stronger and more confident. I love the challenge of the workouts, some more than others (damn you echo bike). I LOVE lifting and getting PRs.
Finally, I love the competitions. I don’t know that I’ll ever be on the podium, and that doesn’t really matter. Preparing, coming up with a team name, practicing the workouts, setting a goal than smashing it… thats what I love about the competing.” – Leza

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