Mindy Allen

"I had a hard time keeping myself motivated to workout."

Mindy Allen
I have loved coming to JCCF because I had a hard time keeping myself motivated to workout. It doesn’t matter how fit and in shape you are or aren’t, how strong you are, your age or your skill level. I had never lifted weights before but the trainers teach you every move! Everytime we perform the move they spend time going over it with us to make sure our form is correct so that we avoid injury. The classes keep me accountable and all the people are so kind and not judge mental. I have never felt like I wasn’t strong enough, fast enough or good enough to be there. It’s like a community, a family, and they watch out for you and help when you need help even outside of CrossFit. If you have considered joining, then don’t hesitate! It’s worth every penny to be able to have the time and attention needed to get healthy and stay healthy!

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