""I bring my girls to see that hard work in fact pays off""

“As a physical therapist, I began seeing patients back in 2011 in Philadelphia – the concept of aggressively pursuing strength training should have been more familiar to me. I had been introduced through high school and college athletics, however, the reports I was getting from my patients was intriguing. At that time, my fitness included mostly long distance, triathlon, events, and a few half marathons. I played CO-Ed Soccer in a men’s over 30 league for 3 seasons, and a couple indoor soccer seasons. The games were fun, but there was little skill development and no practice sessions taking place.
Kendall and I got married in late 2011, and moved to Kansas in August of 2013 after the birth of our oldest daughter. I was invited to participate in a Couch –> 5K jogging group in Milford, and within weeks I was asking that group about other fitness opportunities in Junction City. Junction City Crossfit was the most received response. So, in early September I attended a Saturday morning intro class. The combination of gymnastics, fitness, and strength training. The camaraderie in this individual sport with a team mentality sucked me in immediately.
Junction City Crossfit has become a home away from home for me. Not only do I run my business from inside of these walls, I thrive in this environment – the combination of competition and support is one that you will NOT find many other places outside of youth sports. This gym has seen me at my best and also at my worst, but the unending encouragement from the coaching staff and fellow members has kept me showing up for the last 9 years!
JCCF is where I overcome my own limitations in what I think I’m capable of, and where I bring my girls to see that hard work does in fact pay off. I bring them to witness the support of women, the teamwork between friends, and the relationships built by being in the trenches together doing hard things.
Why I CROSSFIT – I do crossfit to show my girls that strength is beauty and beauty is strength.” – Meghan

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