""My CrossFit journey is a little different than most""

“My CrossFit journey is a little different than most in that it started at age 61!
I can remember that day I walked into JCCF and had my first meeting with a Coach. The question WHY came up in out initial discussion and I responded with the standard loose weight get in shape and remain a functioning adult as I get older. Fast forward 10 months and the answer is NOT the same! Sure, all of those initial things are still valid but why do I really do it…..BECAUSE IT IS FREAKING FUN!!
Sure I crash and burn now and again, I have good days and bad, but when it all said and done I NEVER regret walking through that door, It’s more than a workout, it’s a shared experience and, in my case, a bit of a thrill ride as I accomplish something I never thought I could.
Its hard to believe that my one year anniversary is just around the corner! I am thrilled with how far I have come but I am even more excited for the adventure yet to come.” -Chuck

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