Brooke Munch

"I've been in the Army for 3 years"

Brooke Munch
“I’ve been in the Army for about 3 years now, and one of the things that comes along with military service is meeting height and weight standards.
I started doing CrossFit in the beginning of 2022, because I wanted to improve my scores on the Army Combat Fitness Test and it worked. I really started to love attending the classes, the accountability, and community that come with it. Despite working hard on improving my physical fitness, I never took my diet seriously. I figured I could just out-exercise my less than ideal diet. Eventually, this stopped working for me and I realized I was overdue to be screened for height and weight and I wasn’t going to pass if I continued doing what I was doing.
I came to Coach Christina in a panic about this, because I had just over a month to fix the problem. Christina did an initial intake with me, getting to know me and my lifestyle and my diet habits. I told her I absolutely hate counting calories and that it has never worked for me. I explained how much I love to cook and bake and she relieved my anxiety by explaining that no foods were off limits.
Christina gave me an easy to follow plan for eating based on fist, palm, and thumb sizes and continuing with CrossFit. I started quickly dropping pounds, and overall feeling more energized and happy.
My performance in the gym improved significantly, I started sleeping better, and I just felt better across all aspects of my life. About a month and a half later, I had my height and weight screening and was able to pass. I went from 13 pounds over the standard, to passing, all without ever feeling truly deprived or like I was “dieting”. I was still able to enjoy foods I like and still able to do my favorite hobbies of cooking and baking, while continuing to improve my physical fitness and losing weight.” – Brooke

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