"it all boils down to the community that's been created at JCCF"

“I was Introduced to CrossFit as I stumbled across our neighbors; Christina and Vince in 2012ish working out in their garage. Soon after that we decided to approach them and learned the opportunity to try this out in their garage. It was the best decision that I could have made.
CrossFit has been a part of my life off and on the last 10 years due to moving with the military and life happenings. Staying fit at 40 (at the time, now 46) doing CrossFit allowed me to workout up until the day prior to delivery. I had the best pregnancy which I give credit to staying fit with CrossFit.
Found out we would PCS from Fort Riley and leave the gym that i found so much positivity and leave in. Worked out at a regular gym and home gym which was not nearly the same. Learning we would move back to Fort Riley area nearly 3 years lasher made the transition back to the area exciting as I knew I would be back at my home gym. Walking back into JCCF gym I knew nearly nobody, however the sense of being back at home was still there. The environment that Christina and Vince have created at JCCF is something unique and special.
I could go on and on about why I CrossFit, however it all boils down to the community that’s been created at JCCF, friendships formed, genuine care and concern by all coaches, staying fit and healthy to chase after my 5 year old, encouragement and accountability checks by fellow athletes and coaches. I can’t imagine my life without JCCF!!” – Vanessa

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