Ashley Ortega

Ashley Ortega


  • CrossFit Level 1
  • CrossFit Level 2
  • Chad Vaughn Olympic Lifting Workshop 2021
  • CPR/ AED


  • B.S. Sociology and Environmental Sciences


I had been struggling to find my fitness groove for years since I left the world of college sport. My fitness consisted of being a cardio bunny and yoyo dieting. I became bored with this never ending cycle of repetition and failure to achieve balance with both my fitness and nutrition. I was not happy with my post college body, and frankly it had started to affect other areas in my life. I got hooked on CrossFit after watching “The Fittest Experience” in 2016. Once it was over I googled CrossFit gyms near me, and found JCCF. I said to myself, “that looks fun”.

It wasn’t until I committed to both my nutrition and CrossFit classes regularly that  I started to truly see what fitness actually could mean for me. This community of fit-minded people is exactly what I had been lacking in my post college routine.

I had finally found a place that challenged me everyday! Surrounded by other people who welcomed the challenge, I fell in love with chasing the small wins that led to big transformations. I fell in love so hard with this community of fit-minded people that I became a coach in 2018! Seeing and helping other people also achieve these small wins and transformations is what it is all about for me! I love seeing people’s faces light up when they do a movement that they never thought possible!

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