""That's when I knew I was beginning to find myself""


“For me I feel as my situation is much deeper than just wanting to be the normal “fit and healthy..” at least that’s what I told myself when I first walked through the door (uninspired, lack of motivation, low self esteem). I knew I wanted to grow and I wanted to be PRESENT in every aspect of my life, however I didn’t know that I would need CrossFit the most. I had been through a lot that was mentally challenging upon beginning CrossFit. I wanted to quit, I complained a significant amount about how the workouts sucked because I focused too much on the things I couldn’t do, then it all hit me…. I was becoming more present- showing up to workout 3 to 4 times of the week, then I was showing up 5 to 6 days out of the week. That’s when I knew I was beginning to find myself….I found positive growth within my life on a daily basis, I began giving myself grace for all that I could do, I spoke positive things into existence, turned my impossibles to “I’M Possible” to anything is possible. CrossFit has changed me in many ways that are beneficial to me today (self-care, self love, hard things are possible, when you feel like quitting is when you push harder and you carry on) For me it was much deeper than being fit and healthy; It was the phenomenal idea that I could start CrossFit and continue without actually giving up on something in life. The outstanding part about my journey is I’ve had magnificent experiences with the Coaches, the workouts, the community and have built friendships with some of the best kind of people. You never know when taking a chance could actually lead to changing your life in the most positive way-CrossFit has been that for me since day 1 which is why I do it!”

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