""told me how excited she was that I was at the gym. Right then I knew I had found a family""

“I’ve been a competitor all my life and CrossFit was something that caught my eye while I was still in college. But back then I was too hard headed and prideful to stick with the sport. Too many things I had to learn, too many things I wasn’t good at. So I tried CrossFit a few times before now and it never really stuck with me.
I think the thing that changed and made me stay was the community that I found at Junction City CrossFit. I arrived at Fort Riley back in 2019 and almost immediately after I got there, so did COVID. For the longest time I was stuck in my house, not able to do anything or see anyone and I knew that once the ban lifted from traveling I was going to try CrossFit one more time.
The first day I walked in and we did Kalsu, which is 100 thrusters for time. I scaled and did 80 at a lighter weight and Christina still beat me. And then after the workout she came over and chatted with me, told me how excited she was that I was at the gym. Right then, I knew I had found a family, a place and people who truly care, and I haven’t looked back since.” – Jasmine

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